Pinterest’s popularity is ever growing. Over 250 million visual searches are made monthly on Pinterest in addition to 2 billion text searches. In February 2017 Pinterest released three new updates in a pursuit to push into more immersive content formats.

The first update, “Lens”, is a tool that enables users to search for products by taking a photo on their phone camera. For example, if you see a particular chair or clock in an office, café or restaurant that you admire, you can take a picture of it and search for similar items on the app. The new Lens update will be similar to using Shazam, helping you identify products online when you see them.

The second update is titled Shop the Look. This update allows users to buy items directly from Pinterest. This is a very exciting update for home and fashion companies looking to cut out a third party source. Shop the Look Pins have blue circles that call out different parts of the look.
To shop for that item simply tap the blue circle.

The third update Pinterest has released is titled Instant Ideas. Instant Ideas will be a new button in the home feed that will surface new, personalised Pin recommendations in real-time wile users scroll. When Pinterest tested this new update, they have seen a two-to-three-time increase in users’ engagement with real-time recommendations.

Pinterest is a resourceful online platform that can be useful for a lot of online businesses. At first glace it may not always appear suitable for your needs but after some research the usability of this app becomes very clear.