When designing websites, blogs and social media posts, it’s important to understand current design trends. Creating your online content according to current trends will ensure a strong online presence. Whilst there is a variety of continuing trends such as bold typography, experimental and throwback colours, there are also a heap of new trends, which we’ve explored below:

Use of hand-drawn elements

In order to renew originality, there has been an increased trend in the use of hand-drawn elements online. Elements like fonts, icons and graphics are being hand drawn to steer away from using standard design elements.


Microinteractions are single moments when a user is interacting with a website. These moments are actions such as liking a post, clicking animations, scrolling effects or filling in a form field. The purpose of Microinteractions is to provide feedback, guidance for the user and an overall improved user experience.

Navigation Diets

With an increased amount of people using mobile as well as computer to access the internet, designers have created simple navigation menus for their users. More and more websites have created their navigational menu with less than five or six items. Simple navigational menus are an advantageous trend as it will also help your visitors to focus on the reason they searched for your website in the first place.

Increased animations and GIFs

The use of animations will become more prevalent this year because, in a content heavy world, animations and GIFs are a great way to show how something works succinctly and quickly. Animations and GIFs can also be more ‘lightweight’ in the backend of a website than several images and a videos.