Last month, Facebook introduced a new and more advanced way to target audiences in Facebook ads, called ‘Flex Targeting’.

When you are selling a product or service, it’s important that your message is reaching the right audiences. If your advertising campaigns aren’t performing as well as they should be (and you have a product or service that people are actually after) it could be that you need to adjust your audience targeting.

The key to targeting correctly is all in specificity. Fortunately, with Flex Targeting, we’re able to choose our audiences much more precisely by being able to include and now exclude, based on demographics, interests and behaviours.

So what can you expect to see next time you create a Facebook ad?

When you create or edit an audience, you will notice a ‘Detailed Targeting’ section towards the bottom of the ad panel. In this section you will be given three targeting options, which can be determined by typing in specific qualifiers for your audience:

  • INCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following…
  • And MUST ALSO match at least ONE of the following…
  • EXCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following…

In a nutshell, previously we were only able to define our target audience’s location, age bracket, sex and a general set of interests and behaviours, but now we are able to include AND exclude based on those same factors. How’s that for being specific?

We’ve been utilising this new feature for our clients since its launch a few weeks ago and are seeing some great results already. Have you tested out Flex Targeting and have some insight you’d like to share?