Facebook has introduced a game changer for those who want to know all the demographic data of Facebook users across the world.

For some time now Facebook has equipped businesses with tools to gain Page Insights into the demographics and interests of their Facebook fans. It has allowed marketers or business owners to track results of their Facebook campaigns through post engagement, post reach and page likes. However, this feature has been limited to providing insights on those who are already fans of their page… until now.

A new feature enables businesses to gain customer insights across ALL Facebook users, not just fans of their page. This new feature enables users to filter results specific to their target audience and uncover information such as geography, demographics, Facebook activity and more.

These new changes to Facebook allow businesses to collect anonymous data either about everyone on Facebook or narrow it down to people connected to their page or event.

The information now available includes –

* Demographics – age, gender, relationship status and job role
* Page Likes – find out which pages have the most fans, most engagement and most relevance to your target audience
* Geography – location and languages spoken
* Facebook usage – when and how often your target audience uses Facebook as well as what kind of devices they use.

Page Insights was limited to the interactions that your Facebook fans make on your page. Audience Insights uncovers. It empowers marketers to gain a much greater understanding of their potential customers across the entire Facebook network. That means businesses can now source market data from across the world’s largest social network, with 1.23 billion users. We told you it’s a game changer!

Game Changing Facebook Demographics