Facebook announced yesterday that they will be implementing another change to the News Feed algorithm. Yes, it’s true. Facebook does change often but we think this one’s for the better!

This change is designed to ensure you only see videos you actually want to see. At present, many people enjoy videos without actually engaging with them i.e. liking, commenting or sharing what they watch.

For that reason the new algorithm, which will be implemented by Facebook over the coming weeks, will reward pages that post videos where users opt to make the video expand to full screen, enable high definition or turn up the volume.

Facebook’s engineering manager, Meihong Wang and software engineer, Yue Zhuo wrote in a blog, “With this update, we want to show people more of the types of videos they want to see, and fewer of the videos they don’t.”

But what about from a business perspective, we hear you ask? Fear not! Facebook doesn’t expect the new algorithm to make a significant impact on the distribution of video content you post from your page.

To read more about it, check out Meihong Wang and Yue Zhuo’s full blog at the link below:

News Feed FYI: Taking into Account More Actions on Videos